Pretty Hot Books Coupon Code

One of the long-standing Kindle promotion sites, Pretty Hot Books has been around since 2013, and has managed to establish a solid following of both readers, and authors alike, and at the moment they are offering a $10 discount when you use Coupon Code PAIDAUTHOR.

Along with their discount book and review site, which generates a huge number of daily views, they also have over 12,000 followers on their Twitter page, plenty of followers on Facebook, and a strong email list of readers.

A Featured Book Listing on Pretty Hot Books is usually $25, which not only goes out to their followers, but will also make sure you book remains on their front page for a full 7 days.

Pretty Hot Books Coupon Code PAIDAUTHOR will give you a $10 discount on their Featured Book listing though, which means you’ll only be charged $15 for the promotion.

For our review of Pretty Hot Books, we decided to promote a book that was going to be free for a total of five days. We had 490 downloads, which is 490 new readers who may go on to buy other books by the same author, or who might leave reviews on the ebook, or who might mention the book to a friend, helping promote it by word of mouth. Overall, a very solid result for $15.

You can watch the video below if you want more information about how the process worked for us.