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Format your Book for Kindle on Fiverr

Most authors compose their book using MS Word or a similar program. Before your book can appear on Amazon Kindle however, it needs to be properly formatted, including a clickable table of contents, chapter headings, etc. This Fiverr freelancer has hundreds of reviews for Kindle formatting!

Best Createspace (Paperback) Formatting on Fiverr

If you want to make your book available in paperback, you’ll need to have it designed in the correct format. Freelancers on Fiverr can convert your document to a format that will match whoever you’ll be printing through (Createspace, Lulu, etc)

Createspace Fiverr Gigs
Integrity Formatting

Here at, we’re writers and publishers ourselves. Over The last few years, we’ve each used one particular person to format more than 40 of our books. Her name is Tami, and she runs Integrity Formatting. For $60, you get THE BEST formatting in the industry.

As a reader of, Tami has also kindle offered a $5 discount to anyone who wants to try her services. Just mention the Integrity Formatting Promo Code PAIDAUTHOR when you book to get your $5 discount.

Her details are below:

With Graphics/Images

This option includes the creation of images for chapter titles to allow for decorative fonts to display within the E-book and to provide a more elaborate format/appearance to the paperback.  Graphics are created for each chapter, and depending on content feature graphics for notes or other elements of the story.

E-book (includes return of MOBI, EPUB and Word file)    $60

Paperback (includes return of PDF file)                              $60

Plain Text

This option is exactly what it says – plain text only, there are no graphics/pictures in the file.  Due to the display properties on e-readers, there is a limited font selection available for E-books with this option.  Font choices in paperbacks are less restricted.

E-book (includes return of MOBI, EPUB and Word file)    $40

Paperback (includes return of PDF file)                              $40

Smashwords File

Smashwords has very particular formatting requirements to ensure the file passes through the Autovetter process and achieves publication in the ‘Premium’ Catalog, which maximises the distribution of your file to online retailers.  This options includes return of a .doc file) for uploading to the Smashwords site.

  • When requested in conjunction with E-book $15
  • When requested alone (Plain Text) $40
  • When requested alone (Graphics/Images) $60


  • Complete reformat (same graphics) $half original format fee
  • Editorial changes – up to 10 $10
  • Editorial changes – more than 10 $25 per hour

 Uploading of Files to Retail Sites

  • Fixed fee (per retail site) $15

 What do you need to provide?

If you decide you’d like to work with Integrity Formatting, we’ll need the following from you:

  • publication deadline and timeframe for return of formatted file
  • manuscript file in word format (.doc or .docx)
  • cover image (.jpeg or .png format)
  • any specific graphics you require included in final format (.jpeg or .png format)
  • any hyperlinks you want embedded in the final file
  • For Paperback: Trim size (eg 5 x 8, 6 x 9 etc)
  • Front Matter:
    • copyright information
    • For Paperback: ISBN Numbers
    • dedication
  • Details of any special requirements you have – eg:
    • Specific graphics for chapter headings,
    • Preferred fonts or font sizes
    • an indication of any ‘feature’ text in the manuscript eg text messages, notes etc
  • End Matter:
    • Acknowledgements
    • About the Author
    • Promotional Content (e.g. other books you have written or wish to promote, excerpt for your next book etc)

You can see some examples of Integrity Formatting’s paperback and ebook results below.

Integrity Formatting Paperback Example
Integrity Formatting Kindle Example

ReedsyReedsy is a 1 Stop Shop for book cover designers, editors, and formatters. If you’re looking to establish a professional relationship with an ebook or paperback designer that you can work with long term, then Reedsy is the place to go.

All their formatters and book designers have their experience listed, so you can find someone who has worked on a project like yours before.

Because of the wide range of previous work their formatters have completed, their prices vary depending on the person you choose to work with, so rather than us listing a particular price here, you’re better off checking out their site for yourself.

As a reader of, you get $20 of bonus credit when you the link below.

Anscot Publishing is a full service publishing house for authors who would rather hire someone for the various aspects of book creation, and then retain 100% of the publishing rights (as well as 100% of the royalties) themselves.

Along with cover design and editing services, they also offer formatting for both Ebooks and Paperbacks.

You’ll be looking at about $99 for ebook formatting, and $399 for a professionally formatted Createspace Paperback version of your manuscript or novel.

Mention the code PAIDAUTHOR when making an order to get a 5% discount.