Discount Book Man Coupon Code

The Discount Book Man is a very cheap but effective option for promoting your book as a Kindle author. After using the coupon code PAIDAUTHOR you can get a promotion launched with them for just $10, which makes it among the best value-for-money book promotions available.

The Discount Book Man runs their own book promotion website, which, along with their email subscribers, Facebook page and Twitter account gives authors excellent exposure for their Kindle book, whether it’s free, or on discount, or even full priced.

We’ve put together a review video of the results for our own ebook promotion with the Discount Book Man, where we made our book free through KDP for just under a week.

In total we got 1,600 downloads of our title, and had a spike in subsequent paid downloads of our book in the realm of about $100 over the next week, which paid for the promotion 10 times over.

Next time we use the Discount Book Man we will aim to promote our book with some other groups on the very same day, in order to get our book even higher in the rankings, because when it comes to new readers, the more the merrier!

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