Just Kindle Books Promo CodeOne of the most affordable Kindle promotions groups available, Just Kindle Books has promotional options starting at $15, and going up to a modest $35. . . and they’re even cheaper when you use the Just Kindle Books Promo Code PAIDAUTHOR for a $5 discount!

They already have over 25,000 Facebook fans, as well as a thriving email subscription list, but perhaps most importantly, they have recently merged with eReader Nation, so any promotion you run with Just Kindle Books will be run with eReader Nation as well, for no additional charge.

They are one of the few remaining promotions companies that will promote erotica, although they do have some guidelines and stipulations, which you’ll find on their submissions page.

For our promotion, we made our romance novel What We Search For free for a 5 day period. Over that time frame we did zero promotion other than using the cheapest option for Just Kindle Books. We got a total of 1,086 downloads, which works out at less than a cent per download, which is a sensational result.

The author of What We Search For has several other books as well, so being able to discover new authors for less than a penny each is probably one of the best book marketing results you’re likely to find.

Check out the review video below for some more information about the book promotion.

If you want to try them out, make sure you use Coupon Code: PAIDAUTHOR which will get you a $5 discount.

Just Kindle Books Review

Overall, we found Just Kindle Books to be excellent value for money.

Since recording the video review above, we’ve used used them several more times, and always been extremely happy with their book marketing. The bigger packages definitely get your more exposure for your book, and therefore are well worth the extra price, although there is certainly nothing wrong with their base level promotional options too.

In terms of pricing, they’re well and truly one of the cheapest Kindle book promotion sites you’ll find.

Just Kindle Books Promo Code

The Promo Code for Just Kindle Books is: PAIDAUTHOR

This promo code will give you a $5 discount no matter which promotional package you choose to try out.

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