Best Ebook Promotion SitesAll self published authors know that finishing your book is only part of the battle. . . you now have to make sure people read it. One of the most effective ways to promote an ebook is to harness the power of established book promotion sites and tap into their readership.

Some of the best book promotion sites for 2024 are listed here. We’ve used each of them to promote our own books (Hey! We’re authors too after all!) and we’ve only listed the ones that we’ve had good results with, and we’ve included our review of each of them. Some of them promote Kindle books exclusively, and some promote all the ebook formats (Kindle, Nook, iTunes, Smahswords, Kobo etc.). Some of them promote free books only, some when it’s on sale, and some will promote when you have a new release, so you should have no trouble finding a promotions group that matches your chosen price point, format, as well as your budget and your goals for ebook marketing. Below you’ll find our Top 10 Book Promotion Sites!

KbookPromotions Coupon Code: PAIDAUTHOR for 5% Off! is a promotions and marketing group that focuses on quality rather than quantity with regards to their reader base. Their readers tend to be much more likely than average to leave reviews (among the highest review percentage in the industry in fact), and they have a LOT of authors that have given glowing testimonials. You can read what the authors have to say on their book promotion results and testimonials page.

A lot of their readership seems to be book bloggers as well, so you will often get additional promotion when the readers list their reviews on their own site as well as Amazon, and sometimes other sites such as Goodreads also.

You can find more information about how their Kindle book promotions work by clicking HERE.

Their two most popular packages are their “3 Week Review Express” package, which gets your books in front of their most consistently active reviewers, and (depending on the package selected) will usually result in between 10 and 30 reviews as people finish reading your book. This option is best for authors with books that haven’t had any reviews thus far, or at least not many.

Their other popular option is “2 Day Best Seller Promotion” package, which throws the net a bit wider in terms of readership, so you’ll get more sales (and therefore rank significantly higher on the Amazon bestsellers list) but won’t neccesarily get as many reviews as with the option focused specifically on reviewers.

Their smallest package promotion costs $149, but you can get a 5% discount on ANY marketing package when you list Kindle Book Promotions COUPON CODE: PAIDAUTHOR when you submit your book. You can get the full list of pricing here.

Like most of the better book sites, Kindle Book Promotions doesn’t list every book that gets submitted to them. Each book they receive goes through a manual review to make sure it’s a good fit for their readership, as well as making sure it’s something that their network of bloggers and reviewers would actually have an interest in. It’s also important to note that they don’t GUARANTEE reviews, rather, they send your book to their network of reviewers, which generally results in a high percentage of them leaving a review for your book.

Just Kindle Books Coupon Code: PAIDAUTHOR for $5 Off!

Just Kindle BooksOne of the most affordable Kindle promotions groups available, Just Kindle Books has promotional options starting at $22, and going up to a modest $45. . . and they’re even cheaper when you use the Just Kindle Books Promo Code PAIDAUTHOR for a $5 discount!

They already have over 49,500 Facebook fans, as well as a thriving email subscription list of over 51,000, but perhaps most importantly, they have recently merged with eReader Nation, and Booksliced so any promotion you run with Just Kindle Books will run on both these sites as well.

They are one of the few remaining promotions companies that will promote erotica, although they do have some guidelines and stipulations, which you’ll find on their submissions page.

For our promotion, we made our romance novel What We Search For free for a 5 day period. Over that time frame we did zero promotion other than using the cheapest option for Just Kindle Books. We got a total of 1,086 downloads, which works out at less than a cent per download, which is a sensational result.

The author of What We Search For has several other books as well, so being able to discover new readers for less than a penny each is probably one of the best book marketing results you’re likely to find.

Check out the review video below for some more information about the book promotion.

They also have an option to promote an entire book series and an option for authors who want an article to showcase their work and to pull quotes from for use in book descriptions.

If you want to try them out, make sure you use Coupon Code: PAIDAUTHOR which will get you a $5 discount. You can submit your book to Just Kindle Books HERE.

Books Butterfly LogoBooks Butterfly is a group that generates interest for new books not only through their email list of over 310,000 subscribers, but also through a huge network of blogs. 

Their prices vary depending on how much exposure you want, as well as the cost of your book. They also have specific deals for promoting boxed sets of books, or an entire series. They also offer 66% discounts if you’re self-published or with a smaller publishing house. .  but the Big 5 publishers still have to pay full price.

We chose the $50 Silver package for our test, and we made our book free on Amazon Kindle for the full 5 days allowed by Kindle Direct Publishing during every 3 month period.

We ended up with almost 1,700 downloads over the 5 days, which was a very good result for such a small outlay.

So if you want to know how to promote your KDP free days, you can check out there book promotion pricing HERE.

BooksGoSocial Coupon Code: special10 for 10% Off!

Elevate your journey to the next level with BGSAuthors, the dedicated promotional arm of BooksGoSocial, your reliable partner in book marketing. 

Let us leverage the colossal reach of Amazon, Facebook, and our own robust social media networks for you.

Not just an advertising group, BGSAuthors is a comprehensive marketing solution, ensuring your book shines brightly amidst the multitude. Included in most of our dynamic packages is a three-month membership, providing you regular email promotion, engaging blog posts, unparalleled access to review networks, and unfailing personal support to make your book the success it deserves to be.

Uniquely, we stand firmly behind our promise of exceptional performance with an ironclad 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. So, you can confidently direct your valuable book marketing budget toward BGSAuthors, knowing your investment is protected.

But the rewards don’t stop there! With our membership, we’re offering a complimentary NetGalley listing, a game-changer for securing critical reviews. Typically, this would set you back $375 – but we’ve got it covered!

Our services include:

1. Exclusive “Done For You” Amazon ad services, featuring precision AI laser targeting for your book – and we cover the ad costs for you.

2. Unique “Done For You” Facebook ad services targeting genre-specific audiences to ensure maximum reach.

3. Impactful email marketing campaigns reaching out to 250,000 dedicated readers, causing a significant spike in sales when you need it most.

With prices including free book description revisions and category support, we leave no stone unturned in maximizing your book’s potential.

The cherry on top? Grab your 10% off your purchase with our special BooksGoSocial Coupon Code: special10. (Don’t forget to copy and paste the code!)

Take that leap with BGSAuthors and make your book the next big sensation!

Check out the video below to see what one other author thought of us and if you want to find out more, visit BooksGoSocial.

The Book Tweeters Coupon Code: PAIDAUTHOR20 for 20% Off!

**NEW** BookTweeters has added A.I.-Driven Tweet Suggestions to their Twitter book promotion services. Check it out when you place your next order.

Book Tweeters is a promotions group that gets the word out about your book by tweeting it to their network of over 475,000 Twitter followers.

Their two main accounts are the Ebooks Habit Twitter, and The Book Tweeters Twitter, both of which have about 250,000 followers.

One of the great things about BookTweeters is that they promote books from a wide range of genres, as well as promoting new releases, book related Kickstarter projects, or Kindle Coundown deals (as well as ebook freebies!)

They’re also one of the very few book promotion groups that will promote your audio book, whether it’s excusive to Audible, or available on all the other platforms as well (such as iTunes or Kobo).

Their prices start at $11, which includes one full day of tweeting through their network every hour, up to $51, which is for 5 full days of tweets.

At the moment they offer readers from a discount of 20% when using the Book Tweeters Coupon code PAIDAUTHOR20 upon booking, which goes a long way towards reducing the price of the promotion!

Click the link below if you’d like to read more on their homepage.

Book Reader Magazine Coupon Code: PAIDAUTHOR for $5 Off! is a solid choice for book promotions when you’re on a somewhat limited promotional budget.

A featured promotion with these guys is priced at a very reasonable $20, but if you use Book Reader Magazine Coupon Code PAIDAUTHOR you’re get a $5 discount, bringing the cost down to just $15.

Along with getting your book posted in the Book Reader Magazine page on Facebook, you’ll also get the details of your book mailed out to their subscriber list, and displayed on their website’s homepage for a full 7 days. Hard to find a better value way to spend $15 on promotion.

The video below shows our results for Book Reader Magazine. We used our KDP Free Days and made the book free for a total of 5 days, which resulted in 765 downloads across that time-frame, which was a very successful result for a book that had been out for several years.

Book Lemur Coupon Code: PAIDAUTHOR10 for 10% Off!

Book Lemur is a book promo group that runs a 12,000 strong email subscriber list, as well as an additional 6,000+ fans on their Book Lemur Facebook page.

Their prices vary by genre, from $25 on the cheap end, to $35 on top. They are offering our readers a 10% discount when you use Book Lemur Promo Code PAIDAUTHOR10 which reduces the price even more.

While they do offer promotions for books at any sale price, they prefer submissions that are on sale: ideally free, but also books priced at 99c tend to work well also.

There are quite a lot of author testimonials regarding their services, and your can read those testimonials here.

Pretty Hot Books Coupon Code: PAIDAUTHOR for $10 Off!

Pretty Hot Books CouponPretty Hot Books has been around since 2013, and during that time they have built up quite a following of avid readers.

As well as their website, they also have over 12,000 followers on Twitter, 6,000 fans on Facebook, and a well established email list.

A basic submission to Pretty Hot Books is free, but if you want extra exposure you can get a Featured Book Listing for just $25 which keeps your book displayed on their homepage for an entire week.

The $25 regular price is reduced by a full $10 if you use the Pretty Hot Books Coupon Code PAIDAUTHOR for a $10 discount, dropping the price down to a mere $15.

Even though the name may seem like it’s primarily for romance or erotica books, they actually take books in a multitude of categories, including: Cooking, Fantasy, Health Books, Horror, Humor, LGBT, Memoirs, Mysteries, Paranormal Romance, Poetry, Religious books, Sci-Fi, Thrillers, Young Adult, and even a dedicated Writing Tips category.

For our test of the service, we made our book free through KDP for a full 5 days, and ended up with 490 downloads, which is a quite strong result for just a $15 investment. You can check out the video below for more details of our review and our results.

Discount Book Man Coupon Code: PAIDAUTHOR for $5 Off!

A very affordable option for authors looking to build their reader-base, Discount Book Man their own book promotion website, as well as a mailing list, Facebook page and Twitter account.

You can submit your book to Discount Book Man free of charge, or get a Featured Book Listing for just $15 which keeps your book displayed on their homepage for five full days.

A featured book listing is even cheaper if you use the Discount Book Man Coupon Code PAIDAUTHOR for a $5 discount, bringing the cost down to just $10.

They promote almost every genre, which means that you won’t have any trouble getting your book accepted by them no matter the category it’s in.

The video below shows the results we had for our ebook promotion with the Discount Book Man. Our promo lasted 5 days, and was free through Kindle Direct Publishing.

We ended up with 1,600 downloads of the free book, and had an increase in sales of about $100 over the next 7 days, which was a very strong result.

As always, for Kindle promotions like this, it’s usually a good idea to synchronize them with other book promotions on the same day, as this will get you even higher in the rankings, and gain exposure to more readers who are just perusing the Amazon bestseller lists.

BookBub_logoWith almost 3 million Facebook fans and significantly more than that in email subscribers, Book Bub is the undisputed heavy hitter in the ebook promotions game. BookBub’s pricing varies based on the number of subscribers in the particular category that you want to advertise your book in, as well as the the price you want to advertise it for. At the low end, a free book in the small Humor category will cost only $50, whereas a promotion for a $2.99 book in the Crime Fiction category will set you back a hefty $2,350 (which is a fair chunk of change even for arguably the best e-book service available at the moment).

Despite the potentially high price tag for a promotion, and the fact that BookBub promo codes or BookBub coupon codes that offer discounts are also completely unheard of, a BookBub promotion is almost unanimously considered by authors to be an excellent investment. Many authors show a ROI (Return On Investment) of 200% on this ebook promotion site, and sometimes significantly higher.

It’s not all as easy as it sounds however: BookBub has notoriously strict submission guidelines, and even when those guidelines are met, the fact that BookBub only accepts about 10% of submissions means most authors will struggle to get approved.

You can Submit your book to BookBub here.

Ereader News Today LogoEreader News Today is a massive player in the book promotion website scene. Though not a direct measurement of a site’s performance, their Facebook Page along has almost 500,000 fans.

Though their ebook promotion pricing is very competitive, being between $25 and $110 depending on your promotion, they do have a list of Promotion Requirements that they adhere to strictly, which includes no erotica, as well as the requirement that your book is over 125 pages (except for Children’s Stories or Cook Books).

As well as advertising books on Amazon Kindle, they also advertise books for Barnes and Noble – Nook, Apple iBooks, Google Play, Kobo and Sony Reader.

They also have a dedicated Christian Fiction Promotion section, so if your book falls into that category, ENT is likely to be one of the best promotions groups for you ebook.

For our Ereader News Today review and test run, we decided to make a book free for a period of 5 days, and we promoted it in the Action and Adventure category, which cost us $35.

We ended up with a massive 5,396 downloads of our Kindle book over those 5 days, at a cost of less than a cent per download.

You can submit your books to Ereader News Today via their Ebook Submission Page.

Robin Reads smlRobin Reads has over 30,000 Facebook Fans, as well as a mailing list of a similar number of avid Kindle readers.

There pricing system is rather simple: $20 for Scifi, Fantasy, Horror, and Dystopian books, and $35 for Romance, Steamy/Erotic, Thriller, Mystery, and Nonfiction Authors.

They do however only take a certain number of books in each genre for a particular day, so it’s definitely better to book with them earlier rather than later. Their website will show you the dates available during the submission process, so you’ll know pretty swiftly if your dates are available.

For our Robin Reads review, we decided to promote a Thriller than was free for a 5 days period. We got a total of 1,548 downloads over a 5 day period, for a total cost of $40. That works out at about 2.5 cents per download, which is a bargain if you’ve got other book that those readers might then go and buy.

You can submit a book to Robin Reads here.

As a site dedicated exclusively to free books, Freebooksy has developed a sensational reputation among both self and traditionally published authors.

Their pricing for standard books ranges from $40 for smaller categories with perhaps 30,000 subscribers (such as Children’s Books) up to $100 for their biggest categories (Mystery/Thriller/Romance etc).

They also have a very large Facebook page, with over a quarter of a million fans, and any promotion you do with Freebooksy will get shared on their Facebook page as well as with the subscribers of that genre.

Though they approve most submissions, they’re well-known enough with authors that you often have to book at least a week ahead to be sure of getting the date you want, and sometimes even longer than that if you’re looking to promote a book in one of the larger categories.

We’ve made a video of our Freebooksy review below, and it shows our results and statistics from a recent Freebooksy promotion that we ran.

BookRunes is one of the fastest growing book marketing sites in the industry right now.

Along with their 20,000+ Facebook fans, they also have a thriving email subscriber list filled with people looking for their next read.

They’re also one of the few sites that use separate links for people from the various Kindle reading countries, such as the US, the United Kingdom, Canada, India, and Australia. This is quite an effective way to get into some of the smaller Amazon markets, which can often let an author hit a higher ranking than they every expected by focusing on only the main site.

For our review, we promoted a book called The Unbeliever. We made the book free through Kindle Direct Publishing for a 5 days period. Over that time we had a total of 1,385 free downloads, which is a very good result for a $25 investment. In the few days after the promotion, the increase in Kindle Unlimited pages read actually increased by 4,200 pages read, which virtually covered the cost of the promotion in the very first week.

Check out our video review below, or you can submit your book to BookRunes here.

The Fussy LibrarianThe Fussy Librarian is a book marketing site which not only has a solid mailing list, but also has a Facebook Page with over 20,000 fans.

They have a broad range of genres that they market, although you’ll often need to book as much as a month in advance for some of the more popular categories, as they tend to fill up fast.

You can submit a book to up to two categories at once, and if you do you’ll receive a 50% discount on the cheaper of the two categories.

Their main requirements are that the book has a minimum level of 10 reviews and a 4.0 rating on Amazon, or 20 reviews and a 3.5 rating. If you have 10 reviews split between Amazon’s various stores — like US and UK — your book is still eligible, although they don’t count reviews from non-Amazon sites like Goodreads and such.

For our video review of The Fussy Librarian, we promoted a free book using their Romance and Erotic Romance categories, which cost us a total of $25. We ended up getting about 1,100 downloads over the 5 days that we made the book free for, which works out at about 2.4 cents per book downloaded, which is a pretty solid result.

OHFB, or One Hundred Free Books, is another extremely well know book promotion site in the Kindle community. With over 200,000 fans on the OHFB Facebook Page, they can get some serious exposure for an author’s book promotion.

Their prices start at $75 and increase to $100 for “prominent placement in all communications”, which includes not only their Facebook page, but also their email subscription list. They also offer free ebook promotion if your book is on sale or free, but submission to that list does not guarantee placement.

Like most high quality book promotion sites, they do have some restrictions, one of which is no erotica.

For our review of OHFB, we decided to promote a free book, and we decided to use the $75 promotion option.

We had a total of 1026 downloads over the 5 days that we had the book available for free, which works out at about 7c per download.

Check out our OHFB review video below for more details on our results.

EbookSoda Promo Code: PAIDAUTHOR-5

Ebook SodaOne of the newer players in the book promotion game, Ebook Soda still boasts a very respectable 20,000 email subscribers, as well as over 11,000 Facebook page likes.

As befits a smaller kindle promotions group, their pricing is very straight forward: $15 to promote your Amazon Kindle or Nook novel, and an additional $6 if you want your book to be shared on the EbookSoda Twitter page.

Ebook Soda is offering our readers a $5 discount when they use EbookSoda Promo Code PAIDAUTHOR-5 in the COMMENTS section when booking their promotion.

For our test of their book marketing services, we ran a 5 day free promotion through KDP and had a total of 1,770 books downloaded over that time-frame, which works out at less than a cent per download.

You can promote your book with Ebook Soda Here.

Red Feather Romance Logo

Red Feather Romance is a dedicated romance and erotica ebook promotions site which boasts a largely female audience that focuses on the spicier side of life. Their readers are avid, consuming several books per month in an almost exclusively e-book format.

Their prices vary based on the price you’re book will be, but generally cost between $80 and $125 dollars..

They do have some restrictions regarding the books they promote, which starts with the book being 3.5 stars or higher, and at least 50 pages in length. All books also need to pass an editorial review (which basically means they won’t promote a book they don’t think their readers will enjoy).

Along with a sizable email list, they also have about 10,000 Facebook Fans, and a budding group of Twitter followers.

FKBTFree Kindle Books and Tips (FKBT for short) is the self proclaimed “Home of the #1 subscription Amazon Kindle blog.”

If you choose to advertise, your book’s details will go out to over 675,000 Kindle readers, including:

600,000+ people accessing the blog via the free reader app or the Collections app for their Kindle Fire, and 150,000+ people via an e-Ink Kindle subscriptionemail or social media subscription, or directly on the blog’s website, or via an RSS reader.

Prices for promotion vary based on the price of the book you’re promoting as well as whether you want it to be an “Exclusive” posting, meaning that your book will be in it’s own post, rather than having to share a post with other people’s books.

Prices start from about $25, and go up to $200 for the exclusive option. For our FKBT review, we chose to make our book free, and to promote it with the “Free Kindle Book Posting” option. We had a total of 530 downloads over the 5 days of the promotion, and we saw enough of an increase in book sales as well as Kindle Unlimited pages read to make the promotion worth the investment and show a good ROI.

You can submit your book to FKBT here.

Kindle Nation Daily

Over the past few years, Kindle Nation Daily we have built a community that they call “Kindle Nation” into a large community of Kindle enthusiasts and ebook readers. They are in contact with over 178,000 Kindle owners every day via web posts, email blasts, Facebook, and also Twitter.

They have a huge number of book promotion options, starting at $29.99 to promote a free book, up to $229, which will let you email a short excerpt of your book to KND’s email list, as well as an additional sponsored post on Facebook.

For our Kindle Nation Daily review, we chose their cheapest option: $29.99 to promote a free book.