Book Reader Magazine Coupon has been providing discounted book promotion services for author for several years, and has connected thousands of readers with new authors to check out.

Their featured book promotion usually costs $20, but at the moment you can get a $5 discount when you use Book Reader Magazine Coupon Code PAIDAUTHOR.

A featured promotion with Book Reader Magazine gets you exposure in a number of ways: Firstly, you book will get promoted on their Facebook page, as well as getting your book sent out to everyone on their email subscriber list, and lastly, you’ll have your book listed on the Book Reader Magazine’s homepage for an entire week.

Check out our video review for the Book Reader Magazine. For our test run, we decided to make a book from one of our authors free for 5 days, and we got a grand total of 765 downloads, which translated into a lot of extra sales for other titles by that author, as well as extra reviews on the title re promoted. Our pages read through Kindle Unlimited also went up after the promotion, which is always a good sign that it’s been a success.

Give the video a watch and we’ll go into some more details there.