BookBub Review

We recently did a free book promotion with BookBub. For those of you who don’t know, BookBub is a book promotion site that lets readers know when there is a discounted or free book on either Kindle, Kobo, iTunes, or Google Play.

For authors, BookBub is a great way to get extra exposure for a book, and if the promotion is run properly, it will usually show a profitable return on your investment.

In the book marketing video below, we’ll show you our results, and why we think that BookBub is one of the most popular promotions groups.

For this particular book, we ran a free promotion and ended up with about 30,000 people downloading the book. We promoted our book in one of the larger BookBub categories, which cost us $$340 (So it worked out to cost about 1c per download of our book).

Because we are with Kindle Direct Publishing, and our book is available in Kindle Unlimited, over the 10 days subsequent to the promotion, we averaged just over 20,000 pages read per day. This resulted in approximately $1,000 worth of royalties, for an investment of just $340.

Of course, in our experience, we get even better returns when we promote a book with several sites, all on the same day. This let’s us get even further up the rankings, and therefore gets us even more sales and pages read. After you’ve watched the video below, you might even want to check out our list of book promotion sites.